Chinn and Kramer (2015) suggest that, “…the discipline of nursing concerns phenomena that are rather elusive—phenomena that nurses know exist and deal with on a daily basis yet that are difficult to describe and fully understand.” p. 154*******Reflect on the following:“Identify a situation or phenomena (a concept) in nursing that you believe has not been named or clarified. Consider why this may be the case. Is this an important concept to address?” p. 184ReferenceChinn, P.L., & Kramer, M.K. (2015). Knowledge development in nursing: Theory and process. (9th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby.Initial post:Each student must post an initial posting of their own that is one paragraph which is approximately 250 words and includes at least 2 scholarly references to support the posting. One of the references can be from the texts, or assigned readings. The other reference(s) must be an additional source that you have found that supports your posting. Scholarly, peer reviewed, articles meet this requirement. If the professor responds and asks you for clarification or a question, you must respond to the professor.