EC225/EEC2329 Rasmussen Mod 2 Family Management Across the Decades

As an individual in college, you have resource that you use to sustain you life. For example, you likely have housing, food, clothes, household furnishings, a vehicle, income from a job or financial aid, and technology tools.

In a 1-2 page reflection paper discuss how you currently assess needs and manage resources as an individual (if you live by yourself) or within your immediate family (if you live in a family). Then compare your approach with how your parents or grandparents managed their resources in the past. Be sure to address the following:

1. Provide a description of the resources you or your family have.

2. Describe how you or your family determine what the needs are and how they are are prioritized: Include some current needs as an example.

3. Identify who in your family is responsible for the resources and how they are managed.

4. Discuss how your parents or grandparents managed their resources and compare to how you manage resources today. How have some things changed? Have some things stayed the same? Here is a good place to include examples of resources you have today that your parents or grandparents did not have in the past.

5. Discuss how your current resource management practice and history of your parents or grandparent in this area might influence how you assist other families to manage their resources.