Ecol 100 Biodiversity, economics homework help

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A person’s Ecological Footprint is a complex sustainability indicator that answers a simple question: How much of the Earth’s resources does your lifestyle require?

According to Redefining Progress’ latest Footprint Analysis, humanity is exceeding its ecological limits by 39%. Or, put another way, we would need to have over 1/3 more than the present biocapacity of Earth to maintain the same level of prosperity for future generations.

To measure your own impact on the Earth, take the following quiz:…

Begin by selecting your location (USA) on the map.

  1. How does the footprint calculator work?
  2. How does the Ecological Footprint relate to biodiversity?
  3. Where is the greatest amount of your resources going according to your quiz results? Which category showed the least amount of resources for your ecological footprint?
  4. What are some ways you can reduce your ecological footprint?