Econ Problem & Issues/ Week 10 – Discussion 2

Econ Problem & Issues/ Week 10 – Discussion 2

Please choose 1 or 2 or all 3 of these items below-Please have about 3-4 rich sentences total ——–

1) Two Medicare Solutions (from AARP, and like they do in Europe, where life expectancy is higher and medical costs lower)

2) Rich pay less tax rate than poor

3) A student in part of her post said-inequality in America is crazy…and people who live in other countries want to live here?  In talking to a couple of people who moved to America from other country and they were telling me how people in their country see America as the land of the free and opportunity. 

I would add it depends on where they came from.

In addition, some textbooks now have a term called “reverse  migration” where people who migrate here end up going back to their own countries. Some do so because of crime here. Others do so because their economies are getting better, such as persons from India and China.

Most western Europeans stay just where they are, such as France.

True, some Brits come here and get great media jobs on TV . However, some Americans love British accents, thinking they sound so much more intelligent. In addition some may aim to become the 1%, who here make more than the 1% there in western Europe!

However, many still stay in western Europe and have high incomes most of us would love to have, including, yes, the middle class there. For example, in France and Germany wages are double what they are here, and cost of living is the same. 

****This is a Discussion, NOT a paper. Please NO plagiarism.****

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