Economics Team Assignment wk3

Purpose of Assignment

To make an industry study.Includes a detaild analysis of the suppliers and consumers.

Purpose of Assignment

Students will develop cost curves on which firm behavior is based and will utilize these cost curves to determine the behavior of their chosen organization in the market served. Using the concept of comparative advantage, students analyze trade opportunities and use the model of supply and demand to explain factors that could affect demand, supply and prices. Students will determine various factors that could affect their organization’s total revenue and will recommend actions the firm could use to maximize their profit and their presence in the market served.

Assignment Steps


Imagine you are part of a strategic planning group at a large corporation that is considering entering in a new industry. The Strategic Plan involves all the areas of the company. The strategic anallysis begins with an industry study. The Marketing Director has to submit that study and has asked your team to do that industry analysis.

1. Pharmacetical Industry (Painkillers)

Create a 20 to 40-slide PowerPoint® presentation (with extensive speakers’ notes and quantitative data in each slide) in which you describe:

A main section with the following subsections (use a heading for each of them):

  • International Experience in the industry: difference between the US industry and selected cases in foreign countries. Foreign competition; restrictions to international trade.
  • Externalities: positive or negative externalities?
  • Results in the industry (products, prices, profits, regulations, etc.)

This is a team assignment. I have attached a draft for the portion of the slides that I am needing completion on. Each slide will tell you how many are required. Please cite all work and add speakers’ notes to each slide and quantitative data in each slide. Again, this is a team assignment and will be tied into other slides. Please only work on the bullets above.