EDU645 W3 D2 Assignment

Rigor, Thinking, and TechnologyAccording to the vision statement of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, education systems should pursue measurement of student outcomes that are:Performance-basedEmbedded in curriculumBased on a common evidentiary model of cognition and learningKeeping in mind that Performance Tasks are NOT assessments, rather tools to practice thinking and problem solving in more complex ways, analyze the Performance Task for grade 4 math and reflect on the following:What core academic concept are students required to master?Of the list of nine 21st Century Skills outcomes, which are students practicing in this task and how do you know?Describe how the task is performance-based.How is assessment embedded? In other words, what are students presenting the teacher with AND how will the teacher measure it?Based on what students ultimately have to DO in this task, what Depth of Knowledge (DOK) level do you believe this task reaches? Explain your reasoning.What DOK levels are present in this discussion’s line of questions? How do you know?