Effect of Organizational and Environmental Factors on Police Misconduct

will write at least 2 pages of text, but not more than 3 pages of text, providing a review of the article “Effect of Organizational and Environmental Factors on Police Misconduct.” Try to incorporate the following: Summarize the salient points of the article. Provide an objective critical analysis of the author’s main points. Indicate the strengths and limitations of the methodology. Provide recommendations that would improve the methodology.

i have uploaded the writing format and the article in the attachment box bellow.

addetional information:

Article review #1 is due on 2/12/19.

You don’t need a reference page or cover page for this assignment.

Use the format provided on Blackboard (Course Content).

Please try to paraphrase the information (avoid copy & paste or direct quotes).

All specific information (ex. facts or statistics) should have a page number included in the in-text citation.

Email me if you have any additional questions.