EL5053 Module 4 School Teaching Discussions

(Part 1)

Internship Scenario Response

This course began with a leadership scenario designed to motivate your thinking about the role of the principal in partnerships and inclusiveness within a learning organization. Use the questions to guide an original response and comments to at least two peers. APA citations are required only in the original response.

  • How can the school community support the established teaching and learning goals set by the school?
  • Why is it important for principals to establish and maintain a foundation for developing relationships among stakeholders in the school community – students, school personnel, parents, and the community at large – for the express goal of supporting student learning?
  • In addition to examining research findings, how can principals effectively explore family engagement, mutually beneficial community relationships, and student advocacy? What relationship does continuing school improvement and professional growth play?
  • How can principals and school leaders create a collaborative environment for teachers while also establishing a genuine learning environment for students?
  • What are the obstacles or challenges preventing effective community engagement, outreach, and collaboration in schools?


1.) Some of your thoughts in reference to your assigned readings, with

2.) Your personal observations and experiences, and pulling in

3.) Perspective from at least one outside source.

Must be, at minimum, 3 paragraphs of 6-8 well-developed sentences

APA citations are required only in the original response


Reply to both discussion post I have attach.

Here are guidelines to follow in your response.

Each Responses should be a minimum, 1 paragraph of 6-8 well-developed sentences .

Your contribution should be such that it adds to and moves our discussion forward constructive way. In responding to post, see that you’re supplementing their ideas with original thoughts, observations, or research of your own.