Elements of a Contract, law homework help

Justin was starting a landscaping business.  Susan managed an apartment complex.  Justin and Susan met and discussed the services he could provide.  He offered lawn cutting and landscaping services for compensation of $450 per month for the term of a year.  Susan said, “That would be great.  When can you start?”  Justin bought a new heavy duty commercial mower for the job and started work that week.  After 4 weeks, he went to Susan to collect his payment.  She told him she didn’t need his services after all and that she was not going to pay him because he didn’t do the work the way she wanted it done.  In addition, she told him only the owner can hire employees to do lawn work, and she didn’t have the authority.

Is there a contract?  Explain.  

Must such a contract be in writing under the Statute of Frauds?

What are the legal issues in this scenario?  What rules (laws) apply?

What are Justin’s remedies — legal and equitable?

I need about 70 words for each question.