Elements of a Market plan, economics assignment help

Watch the video case study “Geek Squad: A New Business for a New Environment.”

Read the case study discussion on pp. 88-89 of the Marketing text. Keep this case study in mind as you complete this assignment.

Write a 1,050- to 1,250-word report using your own company or one that you’re interested in that includes the following:

  • A description of the specific key environmental forces that have created recent opportunities for your company.
  • An analysis of changes that have occurred in your organization’s target market in recent years that need to be addressed from a marketing standpoint.
  • Conduct an environmental scan for your chosen company to identify key trends. For each of the five environmental forces (social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory), identify trends likely to influence your company’s marketing efforts and product offering in the future.
  • Explain what differentiation strategy should be used to encourage the target market to choose your organization over competitors.
  • Discuss the key lessons you took away from the Geek Squad case study.

Include at least three references, at least one of which must come from the University Library.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.



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