Emergency Medical services (EMS): Department and Finance

Answering each question completely, using citations and references as appropriate.

Each question should be a cohesive, thought-out “essay” not just bulleted or shortened answers. *(see attachment that may help answering some question)

Section 1

Discuss how a department of an Emergency Medical services (EMS) system could be considered both part of the operational and administrative divisions . Explain how to make the determination into which division to place a deportment.

Section 2

Which division of and EMS system seems to be the most important to success? How do you make sure the sub-departments of this division are successful enough to carry the division.

Additionally, discuss the benefits vs costs of subcontracting departments. Which departments can be sub-contracted and what problems could these sub-contracts cause?


Define AND discuss the following departments and how they are vital to EMS systems.

1. Legislation

2. Regulation

3. Worker’s Compensation

4. Pension systems

5. PTO

6. FTE

7. PTE

8. Exempt vs non-exempt employees

9. Benefits