Employee Relations and Collective Bargaining

Deliverable Length: 7–10 slides (excl. Title and Reference slides, min. 8 references); Speaker notes 200–250 words/slidePart 1:HR professionals play a critical role in building a successful organization. HR functions are commonly coordinated using a service-based approach to support the organization’s strategies and goals. In the key assignment, you will create a presentation for new employee orientation. The presentation will describe the spectrum of HR services available to employees.Choose a real organization, either one that you work for or an organization that interests you to use as an example and create a presentation that addresses the following:What services does staffing provide to job candidates, new employees and their managers?What types of training and development programs are available to employees?What bases or types of pay are used in the organization’s compensation strategy?What benefits will the new employee receive?How does the organization evaluate the performance of employees?Part 2:In addition, please add slides to your presentation addressing the following:What strategies does HR use to motivate employees and support the competitiveness of the organization?Identify a recent organizational change or innovation and describe HR’s role in the change process.