Employee Selection Assignment

Exercise 1Should ethical competency be a core competency for all jobs? How would you operationally define it? Discuss the implications for selection (assessment methods, how to integrate with other predictors).  Write a 1-page report summarizing your position.Exercise 2:A vendor comes to you and wants you to purchase and use their personality test that assess Emotional Intelligence to select your salespeople.  You are also interested (or your manager told you to find an EI test to select salespeople) in using EI as a predictor.  What information will you ask of the vendor?(Please review our discussions in class and the materials in Chapter 7 on the quality of measures, and come up with 5 specific questions you will ask the representative from the test vendor.)Exercise 3:You have just concluded your Strategic Workforce Planning.  Based on Labor Demand forecast and supply (e.g., Markov analysis with transition probabilities etc), you find that there is likely to be employee surpluses in many jobs (perhaps necessitating some layoffs in future).  Will you share this data publicly with all employees?  Why or why not?  Summarize your thoughts in a page.Here is the attachment of the book!