ENC1101 PBSC Hills Like White Elephants English Story Analysis

“Hills Like White Elephants”

Literary Interpretation

NO PLAGIARISM. You have to find all your information through a database that i will provide.

Story link:


MLA format, 7 sources, Works Cited page

1,000-1,200 words not including the Works Cited

Pick one of these topics to do a literary interpretation on

1.Gender issues: how the American controls the girl

2.The setting: train station, railroad tracks, drinks, the hills

3.A symbol: the drinks, the hills like white elephants

4.Hemingway’s writing style: the “iceberg principle”

THESIS WORDS: Develops, creates, dramatizes, symbolizes represents, exemplifies portrays, reveals suggests

Avoid: I will focus on, the subject of my essay is, I want to discuss, ANNOUNCEMENTS