ENG101 LATECH My Self Evaluation Essay Discussion Help

Self-Evaluation 250 points

Essay #4 will be written in class on Friday, February 15. Please bring your graded work to class along with an outline that includes your thesis and topic sentences. This essay is worth 250 points.

Evaluating an idea, a product, a process, or even your own work is an important skill. In argumentation, evaluation is built on the principles of criteria, or the specific benchmarks that need to be met for a project to be successful. For this assignment, please assess your work this quarter in terms of course goals and how much you personally achieved in pursuing those goals.

For English 101, the course goals include the ability to:

1. Be able to distinguish between ethos, logos, and pathos, and to determine how effective these appeals are in a piece of persuasive writing;

2. Write reflectively and analytically about both self-selected topics and published articles;

3. Write a logically sequenced argumentative essay of 900-1200 words that is audience-appropriate, developed with clear logic, and supported with convincing, scholarly evidence;

4. Recognize the difference between summary and paraphrase and to identify when a passage contains plagiarism;

5. Learn the difference between editing (re-organizing, cutting, and/or expanding an essay to improve its overall impact) and proofreading (correcting grammar, spelling, and formatting to meet academic standards);

6. Revise paragraphs and essays as needed for both clarity and impact, including thesis and topic sentences as well as developing persuasive evidence in body paragraphs;

7. Provide useful feedback to classmates so they can improve their own work;

8. Demonstrate the ability to document sources of information in MLA style, both in parenthetical and works cited page citations;

9. Integrate quoted material into the grammatical form of your own sentences.

Select three of these course goals and discuss, with evidence from the writing you did this quarter, how well you achieved them. Write at least one paragraph on the skills you still need to improve upon (as the process of improving writing never stops!).

A successful evaluation essay will use detailed analysis and discussion of your own work, including quotes from your own papers that show progress in one or more of these categories.

The thesis of this essay will be a statement of what your grade should be and why. Each body paragraph will focus on ONE of the course goals, as listed above. Comparing your work from early in the term to work you did later is one way to show your improvement, but that is not the only goal of this assignment. While I am your audience, you are also to some extent, writing to yourself and setting future goals for your writing.

I will get you my previous paper so you can use some of that as examples to use in this essay.

Thesis Statement: Throughout this course with all the work I put in, to be honest, I think i deserve a 70 C because I could have put more effort and more time into my essays and work in this class.

MLA style

For the bosy paragpghs wirte on 1,7,8 and for the paragrpagh that i need to still imporove on write on 5. THen there is a intro and a conclusion.