ENG110 UMKC How The Media Affects Or Effects Our Lives

For this first essay, you will need to find three articles that you find significant or relevant to contemporary, mainstream discourse—topics could include anything from a headline you might find on Buzzfeed or Facebook, to an opinion piece published by The New Yorker. However, you must get your articles from three different kinds of databases, and your articles (at least one of the three of them) must be scholarly in nature and form. The three articles you choose should be cohesive in theme or connect to each other in some way.

Article 1:Use an internet database (Google, for instance)This article can be less formal but should come from a website (WebMD, Buzzfeed, reddit, etc.).

Article 2:The second article should come from a newspaper or mainstream magazine (Time, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Al Jazeera Scientific American, Rolling Stone, etc.). Naturally, this article will be a little more formal.

Article 3: Use the UMKC Library site for your search (https://library.umkc.edu/libraries). Find a scholarly database through the MSU Library website (ERIC, SciFinder, MLA, etc.). This article should come from a scholarly journal.

You will then write the following about each article:

  • A summary of the article (150–200 words)
  • An explanation of how you think the article fits into some contemporary discourse (conversation), including the context for the issue in the article (100–200 words).

In all, this project should be 2 or 3 pages and should include an MLA Works Cited page.