ENG1102 Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Story Review

write a personal response essay. A personal response essay can take many forms. Includes a short summary as well as statement of the “point” of the In the Where are you ,where have you been story ( see the attachment) . It have to Include

_ the general impression the piece had on you personally,

_any thoughts or ideas it prompted that you may not have considered before

Also, it have to included The conclusion that can focus on these 3 points

_the question of its relevance with respect to contemporary issues,both individual and social.

_What does the story explore and reveal regarding human nature and society?

_What are the larger implications of the issues that the story is dealing with?

Response papers are, generally, a mixture of personal and critical (analytical) writing. A paper that is mainly summary will not score well. You may write on “Where are you going, where Have you been ” article -see the attachment

You must quote from the Story to support your insight and analysis. Follow the quote with the page number in parentheses.

-MLA format

_min 800 words