ENG112 Columbia A Doll’s House Nora & Helmer Charactor Analysis

1.While there is the main plot of the conflict between Nora and Helmer, there are two other subplots in A Doll’s House. What are they, and how do the help us understand the main plot? Be specific in details.

What is the theme of A Doll’s House? How is this relevant in today‚Äôs society? Provide at least two examples from the play that support your answers.

2. Try to come up with at least three different topics you could use for your final research paper, Essay 4. (Examples: gender inequality, legal rights, friendship.) What process will you use to come up with your subject and your stance on it for your final essay? Will you survey research to find something that interests you about the play? Or will you come up with your topic and then find research to support it?