English 102 The Dew Breaker Annotated Reading and Critical Response

Heres the pdf to the book https://epdf.tips/queue/the-dew-breaker.html

Read The Dew Breaker, pp. 3-68. Then, prepare an annotation of the first part of the novel. The Annotated Reading and Critical Response assignment has six components (format your annotation with these headings): Ask Questions;Make Comments;Draw Connections + Conclusions;Paraphrase Significant Passages;Underline, Highlight and Outline Key Points in the Essay (you will need to re-type this section as I cannot view the items you choose to underline and highlight)Circle Vocabulary. Note: Again, for #5 and #6, you will need to type the key points and the vocabulary. If your instructor permits, you may submit photos of #5 and #6 via email or attach them to your Discussion Board post. Note: Also, make sure that you define the vocabulary terms.