English Literature The Talking Goat Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist,

but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. –Neil Gaiman

Project 1— approximately 1000 words

The Fairy Tale

Fairy tales are, above all else, a story—fiction, with magic, rules or a task, and they usually speak to a cultural truth or lesson to be learned. You will attempt to create a new fairy tale or thoroughly modernize an older one.

If modernizing an older story, you might borrow details or plot points from the stories that came before yours. Be careful to go in a new direction and not to copy too much from the language, plot, or voice of the original story. Instead—imagine the character anew. What changes? The story must be yours.

If you are not updating an older story, create the story you would want to read—something that speaks to this generation (modern) or would fit in with the older stories we have been reading (no particular place & time). Choose your details wisely.

In each case, your story must show attention to craft (language, voice, tone, structure), genre (clear signs of fairy tale), and reader (answer the “so what?” question—why are you telling us this story?).

  • Authenticity is key—be true to the story, to your voice, to your goal. Carefully edit with the reader in mind.
  • Form should fit the fairy tale genre—generally speaking: summary set up, story, short close. Remember the story part is the best part.
  • Audience is open—yes, in reality, the class and I will be reading your work, but have a specific audience in mind. NOTE: If interested in submitting to literary magazines, consider the age of their readership.
  • Topic is open—keep in mind we will be reading your work in class, out loud. Be wary of highly sexual content or content that is overtly offensive. Profanity must be earned—it’s a shortcut to an emotion, so find a more creative way to get that emotion across.
  • Submit only original work, written for this class (academic honesty)
  • Include a creative, compelling title


  • Create a fictional story that exhibits all of the signs and characteristics of a fairy tale, as we’ve studied so far.
  • Engage the reader with description, conflict, dialogue, characterization (compelling language)
  • Select and sequence writing into a story (clear rising action, climax/goal, and engaging character)
  • Construct and convey the significance of the experience (what should the reader learn, think or do?)


I want from you to use a new story idea, use your own idea by following the instructions.

My English level is 6 out of 10 so please dont use complicated words.