ENGlll History of Performance Enhancing Drugs

Please write one body paragraph for my rough draft about the history of Performance Enhancing Drugs in sports. It is a historic overview paragraph. I am essentially going to write the full essay but part of the rough draft is due and it is just this one body paragraph on the history of Performance Enhancing Drugs or PED’s. For the research, you may either use SIRS through the directions in the attached document or you can just do your own research through google or online research, just as long as you include a works cited page for either option which is MANDATORY. I have attached an example of the step by step process to what you ill be writing. What I have attached is not the actual paragraph but a guideline of sorts explaining how to write it. Some of the questions in the example include “When did people first supplement their diet?” While you need to answer the modified question to fit the research I am asking. Such as, “When did people first start to use Performance Enhancing Drugs in sports?” Just modify the original example question and answer that in paragraph format. Please DO NOT include any of the questions in the paragraph, such as modified ones to fit the topic or the original ones. DO NOT include the questions in the paragraph. Please answer at least 5 modified questions from the document that I attached. I will not be able to answer until the morning, but all the information that you need is in this description and on the document. This is a very simple task, although I made it seem very specific and rigorous I am just trying to be thorough but it is a very easy and general paragraph to write. This assignment should not take more than an hour to complete because it is very easy. Although, the time limit I am setting is for 8 hours to get it done. Thank you so much.