1. Listen the Motivation Lecture in the Course Documents Folder, uploading on 2/10.

2.  In your group select one person to be the respondent and the rest of the group will be the examiner (i.e., the person(s) who is doing the questioning).

3.  Have the respondent look at the picture featured below and ask the following questions…

—Who are the people?   —What are their names?   —-What are their roles in life?    —-What are their relationships to each other?    —What has led up to this situation?   —What is happening right now?  —What is each person, thinking, saying, trying to do?   —What does each person want?  What will happen to each person in the future?   —How will it all end?

4. Submit in a typed 1 pg summary including the following:

–your respondents answers  –your group’s discussion of the respondent’s answers –your groups opinions of the Picture Response Technique usefulness in strategic marketing planning.