For Essay 4, read the following peer reviewed journal article on employee engagement and retention: Book (2019) Leadership on EE and RET.pdfPreview the document

Next answer the following questions in an APA style essay.  The article should be in the References section of your essay.

1.  The paper is a research paper that involves collecting survey  data from people and testing hypotheses. What are hypotheses H1, H7, and  H9?

2. What was the study sample and setting including final sample size  who took the survey (look in the Methodology section of the paper. Some  took the survey online and some took the survey as paper-and-pencil)?

3. The survey was comprised of 4 parts. Describe the 4 parts. How  were employee engagement (EE) and retention (RET) measured?  Was EE a  unidimensional construct or was it comprised of multiple factors? Was  RET measured by intention to stay or intention to leave?  Include the  scale of measurement in your description (e.g., 5-point rating scale,  7-point rating scale, etc.).

4.  Were the authors able to support hypotheses H1, H7, and H9?

5. What is one study implication for hospitality operators?