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the Country SWOT for Venezuela, please note the following.The essay consists of three parts:

1.Part 1: Pillars of Competitiveness (Define/explain each pillar.)

2.Part 2: SWOT for Venezuela

3.Part 3: Impact of country’s competitive positioning on firm-level strategies

more specifically:

  1. Read the Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017: Chapter 1.1 Competitiveness Index
  2. Read the Country/Economy Profile for Venezuela
    a. Generate a SWOT for Venezuela
    b. Use GCR criteria to indicate strengths.
    c. Use the 25th percentile to indicate weaknesses:
    Indicators ranked below the 25th percentile are weaknesses.
    d. Use general information to indicate opportunities and threats, at least 3 per cell.
    e. Generate at least 1 strategy per cell.
  3. Indicate how the country’s competitive positioning affects a firm’s organizational-level strategie

that is all that was included in the assignement, thank you