Ethical Dilemma, economics homework help

Base on this PPT:

Fortunately, the 2016 hurricane season has been somewhat calm (so far but its early); however, storms will be giving the Gulf and Atlantic coasts a brush (if not a direct hit) before long. I considered writing a DT for this week involving identification of external stakeholders in natural and man-made disasters (no, not the current U.S. Presidential race but, for example, Hurricane Sandy 4 or so seasons ago) or possibly using (again) the BP oil spill crisis that surfaced a 7-8 years ago as an example, particularly since BP has claimed that the attorney appointed to administer the pay out to injured parties has been “skimming” by receiving paybacks from law firms. In one sense, we are all external stakeholders relative to that oil spill; however, we will save BP per se and the environment for later. Our Weiss textbook offered an excellent ethical dilemma last week at the end of Chapter 3 page 128 (pages 146-147 in the 4th edition). Although you don’t need to be a CPA to get the feel of this fact set, several of you may have faced a similar dilemma in your work. All of you have faced or will face such conflicting situations. Based on the information provided in Chapter 3, how would you respond? What advice would you give a subordinate coming to you in this situation? At the risk of igniting a firestorm, would your advice be any different if the subordinate was a computer tech who had been asked to run a program to access private emails (and then questioned by the media) and you were an administrator within the NSA?

For all question, 600-700 words enough