Conduct research and select a news story.Throughout your studies, you have been exposed to many moral theories. You have probably agreed with some and disagreed with others. In this assignment, you have the opportunity to explore some of these theories more fully by applying the theories to a contemporary issue.Using the Internet or a local newspaper, select a recent news story that involves a contemporary moral issue. Examples might include, but are not limited to:Capital punishmentAbortionEuthanasiaMercy killingAffirmative actionCloningConduct further research to identifytwo differing proposed solutions or positionsrelated to the news story.Summarize the news story.Apply the appropriate ethical theories you have studied to the two solutions/positions you identified in your research.Compare possible outcomes of the solutions/positions represented by the ethical theories. Explain your reasoning. Be specific and give examples, using at least two outside references, to buttress your argument.