Ethics and social responsibility of business, Final Research Paper help

Can i have a very good writer in Business and law this is a very important paper please follow all directions very good especially the writting rubrics the chapter i choose for this research is Ethics and social responsibility of business i will upload the power point of tghis chapter which is my topic so this research is about Ethics and social responsibiity of business.

Important Information for this Paper

a) Students should review the template for a position paper on the main class page and the grading rubric to be sure you have addressed all the paper requirements.

b) Students will be expected to include three (3) to five (5) scholarly resources which will include at least two business journals and two named companies or legal cases that have dealt with the selected topic.

c) Students will be expected to apply legal principles and business practices from the class materials, text and demonstrate knowledge and analysis of current ethical and legal practices.

d) Students will be expected to submit their paper in APA format with in text citation and references

e) Students should review the grading rubric for additional information as to expectations for the paper

f) If you are not familiar with APA, please review the sections on APA at the course home page or on the library website. You can also contact the Student Success Center for assistance. This instructor as well as Wilmington University takes plagiarism very seriously. If plagiarism is detected, he will award a zero as a grade. If there are multiple instances of plagiarism, the student will be reported to the University. Students are reminded that plagiarism is also submitting a paper you prepared for another class in this class.

read this next step very carefully it shows you how you will write the 10 pages for this paper please follow them and they should be 8 or 10 pages this is what my instructor wrote about writing this paper:

A research paper is an organized, analysis of an issue for a specific topic. It is not an opinion paper. A research paper requires support for your position that you take in your thesis (or abstract) statement. Please remember that you are writing from the business perspective AND must include legal theories from the textbook. Please also be reminded that your paper has to be 8 to 10 pages excluding title page, abstract and reference pages.

After your title page and abstract page, your paper should be set up with an introduction that explains your thesis statement in more detail with the main anchor ideas that you will be using in your paragraphs. For example, if you had three ideas that you would be using your paper outline should look something like this:

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction that includes thesis statement, idea 1, idea 2, and idea 3 (do you map out exactly where the paper is going)
  • Idea 1 (in all idea paragraphs, do you provide a full analysis in your own words after considering legal theories and scholarly sources – do you provide support for your ideas?)
    • Specific information for Idea 1
    • Support for Idea 1
  • Idea 2
    • Specific Infomation for Idea 2
    • Support for Idea 2
  • Idea 3
    • Specific Informaiton for Idea 3
    • Support for Idea 3
  • Compare/contrast other legal cases
    • Explain facts of all cases and specific details
  • Conclusion (do you provide a synopsis of all your idea paragraphs and legal cases?)

Let me give you an example of how to support your position. Lets say you are writing a paper about yogurt. You might say “yogurt is a very enjoyable snack”. Greek style yogurt is a best seller since it is always sold out at the grocery store. Those statements do not provide support for your position.

Using that same topic, you could say ” according to the American Dairy Association, for the previous year, 79% of yogurt purchased was a greek style yogurt (cite). That statement provides support for your position.

Please also be reminded that there are resources available from the Unversity for you. The first one is me – please call or email me to run ideas past me or if you just want to talk about what direction you are going in. The Student Succes There are also sites available in Blackboard under the Organization tab. Please remember that in Week 6 you will also be submitting your draft to Safe Assign so you can see if there are any citation problems.

remember to cite your work and no pigiarism and also if you want to know more about my topic i upload a power point there so all you have to do is to download it and read it and also follow the grading rubrics while writting i upload it so you have to download it and read remember it have to be APA format take your time and do an excellent work.

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