Ethics in bidding, assignment help

I need an outline by Thursday morning. it is about a case study. description below and I uploaded the case study. the final paper will be 1300 words, but I just need the outline this week. I used apa style to write all my homework and obviously no plagiarism is allowed. the school uses turnitin for such.

In LP5, you will be analyzing a case study. Read the case study and assignment instructions this week. CREATE an outline for that paper. This is a good opportunity to get feedback on that paper before you start writing it, because if there are problems with the outline, there will probably be issues with your paper. Your outline should cover the entire paper. In addition, it should:

  • Include your thesis statement (sometimes called a “problem statement”)
  • Have at least 3 levels 
  • Utilize descriptive phrases or full sentences. In other words, your instructor should be able to understand where you are going with your paper from just the outline.

Click here for an example outline. Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox LP2.2 Assignment: Outline

This assignment is worth 50 points and will be graded according to the LP2.2 Assignment: Outline rubric.