Evaluating Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Part I

Please read Ch. 3 Evaluating Entrepreneurial Opportunities 

NEW NOTE: please try to describe “real-life” examples of what these business concepts would look like/feel like if implemented into YOUR future career business ideas. I will be specifically looking for this in grading your homework forward. Be Creative. Make it FUN (Thank you)

 – send a summary of the chapter, in your own words (your homework does not need to sound like the book, but I do appreciate adding Capstone references for direct quotes/copy from the book), Key Take Away Points of this Chapter (what are the core concepts this chapter is communicating, please highlight the names/labels of these concepts, then explain them AS HOW THEY WOULD LOOK LIKE/FEEL LIKE in your business launch. Thank you)

Part II

Please send me a YouTube video of your choice with three bullets describing what you learned from each topic, and how you can possibly utilize this knowledge in your business . 

The topics this week are (type into YT, exactly how I’ve listed, please) 

1. Google Trends

2. 2019 Sales Funnels

3. Advertising Trip Wires and Lead Magnets 

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