Excel Problems

This assignment is to be done using Excel. You must use Excel for the calculations (either using a formula which references other cells or an Excel function if appropriate). Do not just type the answer into Excel.

See the attached Excel file for an example.

1) Liz spends 21 hours on a project and estimates that she has completed 3/4 of the project. How many hours does she expect the project to take?

2) Lisa Harris is a buyer for ACME. She can purchase 150 pounds of chemicals for $97. At this same rate, how much would 3,000 pounds of the chemical cost?

3) Last year Diane Johnson had net sales of $582,496. This year her sales decreased by 12%. What were her net sales this year?

4) A department store had 15% turnover in personnel last year. If the store employs 600 people, how many employees were replaced last year?