Executive Briefs, business and finance homework help

Executive Briefs: Please find an article relating to the week’s reading assignments.This assignment should make for a nice discussion in class with the other students, so please find an article that you find interesting and would like to talk about.

Articles must be selected from a business related publication, i.e., Management Review, Fortune, Newsweek, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, etc. The article selected must be about an accounting topic and must not be over 45 days old from the date the brief is due. Briefs must be typed and be no more than two page in length. A copy of the article must be attached to the brief. You can attach the article as a PDF or as a hyperlink to the article itself. The copy of the article can also be handed to the professor in class. There should be an even “flow” of thoughts and ideas, using correct grammar, structure, etc., leading to a logical conclusion.

The analysis of the article should include two sources; one being the textbook and another source being a topic expert who can strengthen your position.This additional source should be someone who is respected in the field they are discussing.A journalist who writes for People who has a degree in fashion design probably wouldn’t be the strongest source to use if you are discussing how financial trends help organizations.If that journalist happens to also have a MBA from Harvard then maybe that would be an acceptable source.Use your own professional judgement.I will check the sources to ensure they are qualified to add value to your argument.

You will be graded on grammar and presentation.I will be most concerned with how you used your sources to back up your conclusion.In the real world of accounting and analytics when you take a position you need to have something to back up your conclusion.If you are taking a certain position for your company on when to record revenues you can use the FASB Accounting Standards Codification as a source that supports your conclusion.I will also be grading on your analysis of the article.I want to see that you thought about the article and really dissected the situation and thought about everything.