Exhibiting and Selling Art

Read chapter 3 “Expanding the Area of Sales and Income” of

(The Business of Being an Artist)

What 2 things did you find interesting in this chapter? Record your response

in your journal.

Readings (Art in Theory) for February 7, 2019:

a. Mike Kelley 1099-1102

b. Don Judd


c. Kasimir Malevich


d. Excerpt from How to Grow As A Graphic Designer by Cathy Fishel


e. Sean Adams interviews Cheryl Heller,


f. Video: Louise Bourgeois, “Identity” :


Readings/video response:

What key issues in these readings/video do you agree or disagree with?

Explain why. Pick one of the artists that have impressed you. In your journal, write at least a page on your reflections about your selected artist’s ideas.