Explanatory Essay: How to Take Control of Your Credit Cards Discussion

In this discussion, you will share your views of an article written by a professional. Your focus in the discussion should be on the article, especially the strategies that the writer uses.

Review the Suze Orman article, “How to Take Control of Your Credit Cards,” in The Prentice Hall Essential Guide for College Writers, Chapter 7, beginning on page 187. Using specific references to the article, answer these questions about the essay:

  • This essay originally appeared on the Internet on a widely read Web site. Her audience is public. Orman uses informal language (“call ’em up” and “you and your pals”) and the second person (“you”) throughout the essay. Are these devices appropriate for the audience and purpose? What changes would be necessary for an essay on the same topic, written for an academic audience?
  • What strategies (definition of terms, explanation of processes, analysis of cause and effect) does Orman use in this essay? How effective do you think they are?

Your post should focus on the writing strategies found in the essay, not on personal opinions about the topic or personal experiences with the topic of the essay.