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Watch Video

Eyewitness Identification – Getting it Right

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User: innocenceproject – Added: 4/7/11

Watch the YouTube video above regarding pretrial identification procedures by the innocence project.

Read the article from CALEA magazine Issue 101 “ Improving Eyewitness Identification Procedures

Please comment on the following topics related to eyewitness identification.

  1. What would you say to the assertion that the human mind of a victim or witness is a crime scene and should be treated as any other “physical” crime scene regarding preservation of evidence and implementation of affirmative steps to prevent contamination? Provide an example of what you think this means. How would law enforcement prevent contamination of a witness’s memory?
  2. Do you believe it is possible in our system of justice for prosecutors and law enforcement to work together with organizations designed to provide criminal defense for accused suspects for the purpose of improving identification procedures.
  3. Respond to any two of your classmates’ post.

The links below are to the 60 minutes episode “Eyewitness” for a more detailed examination of mistaken witness identification and its impact on the victim, the wrongly accuse, the perpetrator, and law enforcement.

Eyewitness – 60 Minutes – Part 1

Eyewitness – 60 Minutes – Part 2