Family Business Profile Part A

Identify a family business from your local area to interview for your Family Business Profile.

A family business can only be selected once in the class (based on the earliest submission) and must not be a student’s own family business that entails direct involvement.

In order to qualify for this profile project, the selected family business must have two or more family members directly and currently involved in the operation of the business. Aspiring family businesses (or those who plan to pass their business to their children) do not qualify.

Secure a date/time for the interview, agree on an interview method, and obtain additional information (e.g., owner name, contact information, etc.) as shown below.

Upload the Required Information for Part A (see below) in a Microsoft Word or PDF format. Click here for Part A Template. When submitting your profile part, avoid including the required information headings below. Otherwise, your Turnitin similarity score will reflect this duplicate information. See Turnitin requirements below.

For each Family Business Profile part, your similarity score must meet a threshold of no more than 20%.

Parts with greater than 20% similarity must be revised and resubmitted to Turnitin as many times as needed until the 20% threshold is achieved.

For resubmissions, it may take up to 24 hours for a new similarity score.

It is the student’s responsibility to allow enough time for resubmission of their part to Turnitin if their initial report did not meet the 20% threshold.

Profile parts with more than 20% threshold will receive a zero.

Required Information for Part A:

Your Name

Business Name

Owner Name(s) and Contact Information (phone/email)

Names and Positions for two or more family members in business


Interview Date and Time

Interview Method (phone, email, or face-to-face)

Website Address or Social Media Alternative

Business Snapshot link to “About Us” and Business Overview in your own words.

Explain how you identified, found, or selected this business for the Family Business Profile.

Explain why you believe this family business is a good choice for the Family Business Profile.