Fin355 Int rates help needed for my business and finance homework

From the e-Activity, analyze the current position of the Federal Reserve Chairman and Board related to interest rates, money supply, and inflation, and the effectiveness related to these decisions. Predict the future of the economy based on this current strategy. Provide support for your prediction. (Using the Web to research the history of the federal funds rate including the current rate. Be prepared to discuss. Go to the bank Website where you currently do business or would like to do business and find the current rate on its money market accounts. Be prepared to discuss.)

Assess how investment decisions are influenced by expected future interest rate movements, indicating any confounding factors by investor habits and the resulting impact to the investment markets. 

Economic turmoil and uncertainty often impact investment behavior and decision making related to investments and the related liquidity. Predict how most investors are likely to react with their investment decision making in times of turmoil, indicating the effectiveness of such decisions. Provide support for your rationale.

Assess how likely you are to choose the investment option and the basis for your decision. Evaluate other alternatives to money market accounting that may align with your investment strategy.