As of March 2019, about 80% of GAR’s shares are held by various financial institutions. 

Question 1 (refer to screenshot)

(a) Calculate and analyse GAR’s liquidity, leverage and asset management ratios for FY 2018 and 2017. 

(b) Apply the DuPont Analysis to analyse GAR’s return on equity. 

(c) Discuss why the agency problem exists for GAR and how it can be mitigated. 

Question 2 

You have inherited $50,000 and want to invest for retirement. Deborah, your close friend working at a local investment bank shared with you two products available for investment. The first, Infinity Asia Fund, will pay its investors 3% per year for the first 5 years and 7% per year thereafter. The second, Global High Dividend Fund, pays its investors 6% per year forever. 

(a) Calculate how much you will have in each fund in 12 years’ time. 

(b) Analyse which investment product you will choose if you wanted to retire in 30 years’ time. 

(c) Calculate the year in which both funds will have equal value.  

Question 3 

Recently, you purchased an apartment and now need to take up a home renovation loan. OCBC Bank charges an interest of 5.8% per year, compounded daily. Whereas Maybank charges 5.88% per year, compounded monthly. 

You are also considering buying a motor car and the terms of the loan offered by DBS Bank is summarised as follows: 

• Loan amount = $35,000 

• Tenure = 5 years 

• Interest = 3% per year 

• Instalment = Equal amount at the end of each month 

(a) Analyse which bank you should choose for the home renovation loan. 

(b) Calculate the amount to be paid for each instalment as well as interest for month 8 and 25. Describe and explain the observations you are able to make. (motor car)

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