Food Service Operations

Week 2 Individual Project 1

Deliverable Length: 2–3 pages

Course Objective:

  • Define target segments of Food Service Operations.


You have been working for one of the largest food service contract management corporations in the United States. You have proven very successful as a manager, and you have been asked to be a part of the management team for a nationwide food service operation. You have been given the choice of the following operations: a fast-food chain, bar and grille, catering business, pizzeria, or bakery. Before you begin your position, the vice president is asking you to first research aspects of the food service operation you have chosen to manage.

I chose Bakery

  • What are the target segments of the operation you have chosen? List and describe them.
  • Research and describe the labor market for the market you have selected.
  • What services would you implement that competitors would not offer?
  • Discuss your operation in terms of variety of dining, food cost and control, and nutrition and food safety.
  • What legislative actions may impact the food service operation that you will be managing?
  • Be sure to use proper APA style and cite all sources.