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Organizational Design, Structure, and DevelopmentPart A1. What are the differences between mechanistic and organic organizational structures?150 words1b. Explain the difference between centralization and decentralization authority. 150 words!/4/2/2/2/[email protected]:02. Explain the reasons and benefits for an organizational redesign? 300 words3.  If an organization has a functional organizational structure, when would they consider moving to a complex structure and why?  300 words!/4/2/2/2/[email protected]:04. Choose a position in an organization and discuss their organizational role. 300 wordsPART B (Managing Complex Organizational Design and Structural Challenges)Develop a  5-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes that outlines the pros and cons in moving from a functional to a complex organizational structure.Identify one organization and its design.Recommend whether moving from a functional to a complex structure is appropriate.Utilize at least three peer-reviewed articles.Format your speaker notes and presentation consistent with APA guidelines.