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Please help me? This assignment is due here in a few hours. Please see below and as you will see I have included my assignment from Week Two just as stated here : Use the same company you did in Week 2. This assignment is a spin-off of the work you did with your team. So, refer to the work you did in week two in your text. Please refer to the resources below to assist with the assignment. Please include references and citations.

Full Performance Strategy Analysis

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Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to give learners an opportunity to apply lessons learned about performance management.

Use the same company you did in Week 2. This assignment is a spin-off of the work you did with your team. So, refer to the work you did in week two in your text. Please refer to the resources below to assist with the assignment.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Human Resource Management; Supplemental Resources.

Develop a 1,225-word Full Performance Strategy Analysis including:

Describe the overview of the performance management process.

Include a flowchart of the performance management process.

Explain the job analysis.

Examine the skills gap analysis and performance evaluation.

Determine ways to measure employee performance.

Assess counseling for exceptional or performance that needs improvement.

Attach an appendix of the resources needed to create a comprehensive performance analysis.

Here is my Week Two Assignment Below.


Apple is one of the most successful technology companies in the world. Its success lies in the fact that it knows how to deliver to its customers. One Apple remains ahead of other technology competitors. It also offers good customer services thus making it attractive to many customers (Bidgoli, 2010). However, these features are not fully responsible for its success but also changes in the firm makes it remain competitive. Today Apple remains dominant in the technology market and different from the way it was in the past. Therefore the company has had some changes due on it that promotes its success. This paper looks at a recent change management plan at Apple, its purpose, budget, and people linked to the change.

In a bid to expand Apple success in technology business the current CEO Tim Cook released a new product to the market. In the past, there have been few attempts to grow the company’s business. However, these past attempts have been a failure all through. An example is where the company got involved in the purchase of beats music that costs a total of $3 billion in 2014. In 2015 another attempt for success in business was made regarding a streaming service that also failed to promote the company’s success. In the current year of 2016 the company hopes to accomplish success from the early launch of the new product.

The new product released by the company is recognized as the Apple watch (Docter, Dulaney, and Skandier, 2016). According to financial reports from the company the watch is said to deliver billions of dollars in terms of revenue. Moreover, the same watch has been associated with the creation of a new product category that allows for the company to deliver health services and wellness to the public. Therefore the move by the CE to release a new product the soonest possible was one of the recent changes by Apple Company. The main purpose of the change was to ensure that the company expanded business success in the industry.

Change is challenging to any business or entities that have been tasked to implement it. This is because one requires the provision of all participants such as employees in a firm to make the change a success (Betz, 2011). At Apple Company there were several individuals or people responsible for the change and who also participated in the change. The first person was the CEO Tim Cook who was involved in the release of the Apple watch.

Secondly, the designer of the watch Kevin Lynch who was called by the company to create a wearable technology at the wrist was also involved in the change. Moreover, a team of designer that amounted to a total of 100 individuals was also inclusive of people in the change. Lastly the most important of the all are the employees at Apple Company and the stakeholders who also agreed to an early release of the new product. These individuals were all involved in the change where the product that is Apple watch was released to the public.

The successful implementation of any change follows a certain strategy that ensures all steps essential to the change is completed. At Apple, the main aim of releasing the watch was to ensure that customers had an easy time going for activities such as a run, swimming, and games without having to carry a phone around. A wrist watch is easy to carry as one needs to fight it on the wrist of the hand. This means you do not have to worry about where to leave it in the case going swimming or in areas where it might break like an iPhone. Therefore the company had the role to ensure that its customers were made aware of all the benefits of the watch and how it would serve as an alternate t a phone.

The main methods used in the implementation period of the change include making customers are of the new product and also alerting employees and stakeholders of an early release of the product. A video was revealed to public at first to show the design of the watch, case styles as well as various combinations of bands of the watch. Moreover, the CEO took the initiative to educate people on the benefits of the new product and also gave a demonstration of him wearing the watch to show that it was for any individual. Advertisements were used to make more people aware of the new product and its features.

A change initiative is bound to cost any organization a lot of money for it to be a success. For the reason of resources such as employee skills and time being used during the change implementation are dedicated to the change. Moreover, finances are also dedicated to changes set in an organization. Therefore as a result of all the utilized resources, it becomes a cost to a firm during change initiatives. In the same way, Apple had spent a large some of the finances of the new product.

The company spent a total of approximately $38 million of ads for the Apple watch specifically. Moreover, a total of $1.7 billion has gone down to matters to do with on research alongside matters to do with development. However as a result of an early launch of the watch the final expenses on the Apple watch are not yet clear but the company has spent a lot of finances and resources on the new product. Upon release, the watch was seen to boost the sales of the company. This is because a total of 1.4 million watches were sold by the company within the second quarter in 2016. Moreover, it is estimated that watches sold 1.4 million in number generated total revenue $5billion in sales. Although the watch seems to be improving sales for the company it did not take off as well as some of the investors at Apple expected.

A change has a great impact on an organization as well as to the public. Therefore it requires a follow up that determines whether the change will have a negative or positive impact on the human resource department and other stakeholders. Moreover, the change plan helps to determine employee election, cost changes required to be made for the budget to be within schedule as well as organization alignment.

In the change plan, the first step is to conduct a walk through that determines whether there is any step left out in implementation. Secondly, all essential data associated with the change should be collected to analyze whether what is expected aligns to the final outcome. Moreover, a change objective should also be set so as to direct all persons involved in the change on what is the purpose or focus of change initiative. Next is going through the suggested change for every person to comprehend them and relate them to the implementation process. This will ensure that organization alignment, changes in cost and personnel selection all align to the change.

Change Plan


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Just as it is implying. The assignment that is due tonight is based solely upon APPLE the company that I did my week two paper on.

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