Future Benefits and Work Cultures

HRM 533 Total RewardsWeek 10 Discussion 1: “Future Benefits”1.) It is the year 2020. Speculate wht work-life benefits are mmost prominent among the top employers in that year and why you selected them.Week 10 Discussion 2: “Work Cultures”1.) As your organization grows, the possibility of having child-care and elder-care issues grow. You have been tasked to head up a small committee to assess the possibility of including these benefits into the current compensation package. Identify at least six (6) questions the committee will have to answer in order to develop a strategy to include these benefits.Please note these are discussion questions not an assignment. Also add The WorldatWork Handbook of Compensation, Benefits & Total Rewards (2007) as a referenceĀ  forĀ  full 10 points credit.