Gantt Chart Paper

Gantt Chart Paper

A Gantt chart is a powerful data analysis/project schedule control tool. Create a Gantt chart using at least the five major activities in the sequence you identified in Week Three, assignment one. Prepare a written summary of your results and conclusions to executive management that incorporates a copy of your Gantt chart. 

Submit a one- to two-page paper (not including title and reference pages). Your paper should be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide and should cite at least one reference in addition to the textbook.

 Gantt chart needs to be incorporated into the one to two page paper that explains the chart.  By incorporated, I mean that the paper will be submitted as a Word document, and the Gantt chart itself, regardless of what program you use to create it, will be inserted and included within the Word document.  In other words, only and that one Word document should include both your chart and your paper.

In successful improvement of the beauty product, a good and effective project plan needs = to be implemented so that all the activities that should be completed according to the stipulation in the Work Break Structure. The project plan includes all = the activities that need to be done and the specific time when these activities should be started as well as when they should be completed. The precedent activities are also included in a good project plan so that the manager can assess and monitor the success of the project. The following is an example = of a project plan for the improvement of a beauty product;

Activity Name = Percent completion First date Finish date Resource # days duration Precedent task=
1.Product evaluation Tasks  include;<= /span> -customer enquiry. The company needs to enquire about the effectiveness of the prod= uct so as to identify the real problem. -analysis of the collected data .Helps in identifying real issues -Documentation of the problem   95% 1/1/14 15/1/14 Customers. The customers were used as the resource to provide information about the&nbsp= ; product 14 days Identification of the problem in the product.
2.Analysis of product evaluation Tasks involved ; -Cross checking data collected during product evaluation= -use of various methods to analyse the data collected. -result analysis is also an important task to get facts right about the problem in the product.   98% 17/1/14 24/1/14 Company staff<= /div> 7 days Product evaluation
3. Notification of management on the findings of the analysis of product evaluation. The tasks Included in this activity may include; -planning a meeting with the management. -organization of the data to be presented to management.<= /span> -presentation of the findings   100% 31/1/14 6/2/14 The research team from the company 7 days Analysis of product evaluation
 4. Product development. Tasks include;= -selection of the components to be removed and added to the product -removal and addition of product components in an attempt to improve it. -Assessment of the improved product within the laboratory to check its effectiveness   99% 14/2/14 14/8/14 Company staff particularly those involved with manufacturing= 180 days Notification of management on the findings of the analysis of product.
5. Marketing.<= /div> The tasks involved may include; -advertising <= /div> -personal selling -direct selling   95% 20/8/14 20/12/14 The company‚Äôs marketing department. 120 days Product development.