Gender Issues in Businesses sexual harassment

Activity #1

Most of us imagine sexual harassment to be a male supervisor in power or control over a female employee who asks for sexual favors in exchange for preferential treatment or continued employment.  In reality sexual harassment can take place in many ways.  Generally speaking sexual harassment is whenever there is unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature in the workplace.  

Did you find it interesting in the readings that approximately 1/2 of all women will experience sexual harassment at some point in their career and women in supervisory positions are more likely to experience it than those in lower level positions?  Men also experience sexual harassment and it could be anything from a women hitting on him to the type of dirty jokes men typically make together.  If you are uncomfortable and the behavior is sexual in nature, it can be sexual harassment.  

Do you believe sexual harassment is still an issue in the workplace/  Discuss the effects of sexual harassment has in the workplace?  Why should we be concerned?  

 Activity #2

Try to locate a policy online.  Ninety seven percent of companies have such a policy.

What does the policy say you should do if you experience or you witness sexual harassment in the workplace?  What will the company do?  

Do you think the policy is adequate?  Why?  What improvements might you suggest?  

Please use this material for referances if possible:,%20Control,%20Sexual%20Harassment,%20and%20the%20Pursuite%20of%20Happiness.pdf?_&d2lSessionVal=D2RZqt4NUiIXhSiSFZXQvC9pL&ou=51978’s%20in%20the%20closet%20-%20dress%20and%20appearance%20coes%20and%20lessons%20from%20sexual%20orientation.pdf?_&d2lSessionVal=D2RZqt4NUiIXhSiSFZXQvC9pL&ou=51978

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