gerontology 3

Scenario: Abuse• Mr. CO is a 75, year old male. He was admitted to your unit with Pulmonary Fibrosis. As you are walking towards his room to administer medications you hear his son say to him in a nasty tone of voice: “Stop being so stubborn. I need you to give me access to your bank accounts. You’re going to die alone unless you start cooperating”. As you enter he room, the son leaves quickly and you notice the patient has tears in his eyes. You ask “Is everything okay?” Mr. CO shakes his head yes, but remains nonverbal and does not make eye contact. You administer his medications and leave the room.Directions:Part 1:•The original post must be at least 200 – 300 words in length•What types of elder abuse did you notice in the scenario? (give examples and explain)•What signs, (in the scenario) if any suggest that the nurse should ask some follow up questions?•As a nurse in this scenario what is your next action?•How can older adults protect themselves from ever becoming victims of abuse or mistreatment?Part 2:•Post one response to the original post of any classmate•Your response should be 50+ words•Posting should ask for clarification, challenge respectfully ideas, or describe a situation that illustrates the points being made. Simply agreeing or disagreeing with a post is NOT adequate.