Global Health Discussion Questions

In your Niles text, Basics of the U.S. Health Care System (3rd ed.), read: Chapter 14, “Analysis of the U.S. Healthcare System,” pages 377–382, on International Healthcare Systems, Universal Healthcare Concepts, and Lessons To Be Learned from Other Healthcare Systems, and Foundations and Future of Health Care Delivery Management, to read: Chapter 14, “International Health Care,” pages 238–243.

Use the Internet to explore the following resources related to global health. You will use information from these Web sites for discussions in this unit:

Your main post for this discussion begins your coursework for completing the assignment in Unit 7, Analyzing and Recommending Healthcare System Reform Options.

1. Compare and Contrast Health Indicators and System Structures

For your main discussion post, choose a country that is a member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and compare and contrast the healthcare system in that country with the healthcare system in the United States by addressing the following:

    • Compare and contrast U.S. indicators and outcomes to those of one other OECD member country.
    • Describe the current structure of the healthcare system of each country.
    • Using the online resources you subscribed to in Unit 1 (the wall street Journal, Joe Flower, Healthcare Facility Management magazine, Plane Tree Health Library, Digital Health Today, Futurism, The Medical Futurist) research and select one current professional or industry opinion or study related to your work in steps 1 and 2.
    • Identify and defend the credibility of the source of information you selected.
    • Summarize two major points or ideas from the information you have gathered

2. Global Aspects of Healthcare Management

For this discussion, refer to your studies on the different aspects of global healthcare.

Choose the aspect of global healthcare you found most relevant to your current management career or the career you plan to pursue. For your main post, prepare a short essay (use a minimum of 400 words), discussing your choice of:

    • Describe past or current experience(s) you have had in relation to this aspect of global healthcare.
    • Describe how it is related to your career (ER administrator).
    • Share interesting, current information you discovered from your Unit 1 subscribed resources in relation to this aspect of global healthcare.