HA575 Unit 2 Discussion

Many healthcare organizations have been subject to fines and criminal investigation. Identify a healthcare organization that failed to act in accordance with its values, mission, and vision and as a result, incurred criminal/civil fines or monetary penalties. Describe how the healthcare organization’s activities failed to reflect its written strategic intent. Finally, propose lawful actions the healthcare organization could have taken to fulfill its written values and achieve more appropriate outcomes.Use us reference:Walston, S. L. (2014). Strategic healthcare management: Planning and execution. Health Administration Press. Chapter 6.In two diferent paragraph give your personal opinion to Reynalyn Aguayon and Tyler BlevinsTyler BlevinsUnfortunately, healthcare industries in the U.S. are one easiest targets for hackers and other criminal activity. Since data security is lacking and staff awareness remains at an all time low, the attacks are more common and easy to do. Take into account the instance below.The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR) fined a Texas hospital $3.2 million dollars for failing to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) over multiple years.Children’s Medical Center of Dallas filed breach reports with the OCR in 2010 and again in 2013. The first report detailed the loss of an unencrypted, non-password protected BlackBerry device at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The device contained the electronic protected health information (ePHI) of approximately 3,800 people.In July 2013, the medical center filed a separate report, which stated that an unencrypted laptop containing the ePHI of 2,462 people had been stolen from its premises sometime between April 4 and April 9, 2013.I believe that patient security should be of the utmost importance. There is no excuse for that instance that happened at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. All electronic devices should be password protected. Not only should they be password protected, but they should also be kept secure at all times. There is no reason these devices should have been stolen if they were being monitored and taken care of properly.There needs to be secure locations for all electronic devices when not in use. There also needs to be strong password protections on all devices to ensure the unlikelihood of someone being able to breach them. There also needs to be a log of every time a device is used and by who so there can be accountability taken and people can be held responsible should an incident like this occur. Taking the proper precautions and implementing these measures would ensure these instances don’t happen so regularly and hopefully not at all.Governance IT. (March 20, 2017). Texas hospital fined $3.2 Million for HIPPA breach. Retrieved from: https://www.itgovernanceusa.com/blog/texas-hospital-fined-3-2-million-for-hipaa-breachReynalyn AguayonAn example of an organization that failed to act in accordance with their vision and mission is an Assisted living that I once worked for.  This organization had a vision to treat each resident like family and care for them so everyone who lived at this assisted living is treated like family.  Unfortunately, the organization failed to fulfill such a vision and mission when one of the residents with a history of Alzheimer’s and other health ailments left the facility without supervision or in other words elopement.  This in turn lead to the criminal/civil fines and penalties for the facility.  This resident had a history or making his way out and each time, administration and management would work with staff to ensure that they are alert and aware of all residents especially Mr. H.  Unfortunately, the one-time Mr. H got away lead to the result of the Assisted living license revoked and the closure of the facility.  It is unfortunate with the beautiful vision and mission of inviting all residents and caring for them like family and something like this happened.  Staffing was critical factor that affected the outcome. This patient having the history of elopement should have had more of a one on one care to prevent such mishaps. The facility perhaps should have been more equipped with preventing such escapes.  Frequent bed checks and rollcalls for the high-risk residents should have been implemented and a “facility wide policy on resident elopement to ensure quick apprehension if resident goes missing” (Senior Justice, 2020).  Having such actions and implementation for more strict regulations knowing that members are high risk in elopement, it should have been a top priority to ensure that staffing was enough and preventive measures practiced.If I were running the facility, I would make sure to screen all residents and if there are residents that may be of higher risk and needed more care, I would make sure that they are placed in a facility that could be better fit to handle such higher risk residents.  It is important to have these pre-screening measures to know what type of patient care level is needed and therefore ensure the safety of all residents.  Having a more structured and stricter regulations on individuals as Mr. H is key to ensuring that leaving the facility without staff awareness is prevented.  Family should always be cared for and tended to which means always having to reevaluate the methods and regulations that prevent such adverse events as elopements of residents.Reference:n.d (2020). “Senior Justice”  Retrieved fromhttps://seniorjustice.com/elopement-escaped-residents-nursing-homes-alfs/