Health and Wellness

No Plagarism!!Miniumum 250 words per questionQuestion 1 Childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic in our society today. What do you feel has contributed to this problem, and list a minimum of three ways to combat this problem you personally think would work.Question 2 The health consequences of secondhand smoke have been well documented. Do you feel that smoking bans in public places are fair to all citizens? Explain your answer.Question 3 In your opinion, are we making headway in reducing the incidence rate of heart disease and cancers? Explain your answerQuestion 4 Explain how HIV infection affects the body and how it is transmitted, diagnosed, and treated.Bonus Question Three-part question: Part 1—In your own words, list and describe the multiple dimensions of health. Part 2—Describe Maslow’s theory of the hierarchy of needs. In your opinion, can we ever achieve self-actualization? Part 3—Can a stressor be classified as both a distress and a eustress? Explain your answerQuestion 5 There has been a trend toward self-care. What are some ways this is evident and what are some of the reasons for the popularity of this movement?Question 6 What are “air toxics” and where do you think you are most likely to be exposed to them; and what steps can you take to minimize your exposure?Question 7 Should terminally ill individuals have the right to ask for “physician-assisted suicide”? Explain your answer