Health Care Managaement

question 1:What are the main differences between broad cost-containment strategies applied in the U.S. and those used in the countries with the national health insurance?Discuss the main differences between broad cost-containment¬†strategies (think Managed Care etc.) used in the United States and those used in countries with national health insurance? Provide examples.¬†You may want to pick a country to compare.Question 2:In your own mind, what do you feel is the answer to lowering the cost of healthcare in our country?For this question, please speak freely with no judgement passed. I want to hear what other classmates feel about our country’s current healthcare system and what would you do reform/change our system similar to any of the other countries’ health care systems as previously discussed? Outside ideas are also welcome, you don’t have to just base your answer by how other countries operate their systems. If you have your own thoughts on how we could improve our system, I’d love to hear your answer! How can we help the uninsured and those with the crazy high premiums? Please keep in mind that the big picture here is trying to balance effective costs on health care spending and trying to keep people insured within a more ethical reason.Question 3:Is the increase in elderly population having an affect on healthcare costs?