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Current Events Article:

You have to attached copy of the two articles you choose

Select 2 a news article from a reliable news source that is an example of a report or commentary on US Healthcare reform. Get a copy of the article. Write a summary analysis of the article including the following:

  • The main purpose of the article or key question the author is addressing.
  • The most important information in the article.
  • the main inferences (conclusions) and key concepts (theories, laws, principles or ideas) the author is using
  • main assumptions (generalizations the author is taking for granted), which can be the main point of view of the author
  • If this line of reasoning is justified, what are the implications (consequences of taking this line of thinking seriously) are.
  • Write your judgment on this issue.

Attach the copy of the article to your 1-2 page paper discussion of the article