Healthcare Assignment

The Affordable Care Act changed the landscape of U.S. healthcare. Many other countries already have national healthcare for its citizens.  Compare and contrast the Affordable Care Act with another country’s healthcare policy.  In you analysis examine:Discuss how the government were involved in its creation and analyze issues associated with their involvement.Describe the role of public opinion and lobbying groups.Discuss the balance of markets and the government.Evaluate the concepts of equity, efficiency, and effectiveness and their role in the policy and its passage.Assess the effects onExamine the effects towards the aging and poor populations.Finalize your findings by providing suggestions to U.S. policy that would decrease cost, but increase quality, and access to care.Your project should include a presentation of 15-20 slides identifying the differences/similarities of both policies.In addition you will create a written response of the suggestions you would make to U.S. policy.   Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length, not including the title or references pages, and draw from at least three credible, outside sources other than your textbook.Your paper must utilize 4-5 scholarly sources